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Joni's Child Care & Preschool programs accept children 6 weeks of age and older. The infant program seeks to create a balance between personal care and developmental stimulation. Children are fed, changed and napped according to individual schedules. Throughout the day teachers talk and sing with each child to encourage language development and to monitor hearing. They use balls, mirrors and other toys to encourage movement. The teachers hold each child frequently, using soft toys for cuddling and hand-held toys for fine motor development. Classrooms are arranged to allow for large spaces for stretching, rolling and crawling. Varied activities are used to help strengthen back, neck and arm muscles.
Parents are encouraged to outline a schedule for their child to allow caregivers to anticipate needs and support the planning that occurs at home. Parents receive a daily report, detailing their child's activities, schedule and supply needs. Parents are encouraged to visit and call regularly for information or questions. Teachers work hard to utilize each parent's unique knowledge of their child to support the needs of both parent and child.
Contact us today for more information about our Infant Program or to schedule a tour of one of our facilities.
* All 5 of the Joni’s Child Care & Preschool centers are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). This is a rigorous set of standards beyond those required by the State of Connecticut. A nationally trained team of inspectors spend several days in each program reviewing all aspects of the curriculum, teacher qualifications, interactions, communications and management. It takes several years to complete the accreditation process and then must be maintained through annual reporting systems, unannounced visits and emerging standards. Learn more about NAEYC here... 
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