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Joni's Child Care & Preschool offers before and after school care for children age 5 (kindergarten) through 12 years of age. The purpose is to provide a safe, supportive and fun place for children to relax and enjoy friends when parents can't be there. The rooms for school-aged children are open and designed to meet the interests of young adults, separate from the child care programs. Transportation to and from school is provided by the school bus which stops at the center's front door. Children receive homework assistance and review. They also have the opportunity to participate in small and large group activities, games and competitions, creative writing, cooking, computers and outdoor play. During inclement weather and school closings, many children join the program for the full day, instead of interrupting a parent's work schedule.
During the summer, the program expands to cover the entire day. Special themes and events are planned, including Hawaiian Luaus, sock hops and international feasts. The children are invited to attend field trips to the movies, roller skating, hiking, bowling and see the New Britain Rock Cats play. Children explore paper mache, sewing and gardening. Daily sport activities including soccer, touch football, wiffle ball and volley ball are set up for basic instruction and team competition. Learn more about our Summer Program ...
Contact us today for more information about our School Age Program or to schedule a tour of one of our facilities.
* All 5 of the Joni’s Child Care & Preschool centers are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). This is a rigorous set of standards beyond those required by the State of Connecticut. A nationally trained team of inspectors spend several days in each program reviewing all aspects of the curriculum, teacher qualifications, interactions, communications and management. It takes several years to complete the accreditation process and then must be maintained through annual reporting systems, unannounced visits and emerging standards. Learn more about NAEYC here... 
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