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My son attended Joni’s since the time he was fourteen weeks old through five years old. I must say as nervous as I was to leave him at a daycare the staff at Joni’s were extremely loving and caring with him. He learned so much while he was there which was a huge advantage for him going into kindergarten. He loved everyone at the center and vice versa. I would definitely recommend Joni’s!

Jomar V. 5 stars - Excellent

Joni’s was our top pick for daycare because of their flexibility with our schedules. They have wonderful teachers and staff which made it so much easier to leave our son when I had to go back to work.

Tara L.

Can’t say enough great things about Jonis Burlington. The teachers and directors truly care about the kids. A lot of the teachers have been there a long time and it feels like family is caring for my daughter. Love love love Jonis!

Karen M. 5 stars - Excellent

Over the past six years, our children have had a wonderful experience attending Joni’s Child Care. The teachers and staff provide the perfect blend of learning, socialization, and compassion and truly care about the children’s well-being and development. We very much appreciate their flexibility around weekly scheduling and their commitment to providing a safe environment.

Thank you Joni’s for giving us peace of mind in knowing that our kids spend their days at a place where they are so genuinely cared for, able to excel, and better prepared for the years ahead.

Jennifer and Mike Smith 5 stars - Excellent

My children have attended Joni’s since they were 10 weeks old. My son is now 4 and my daughter is 18 months. One of the reasons my husband and I chose Joni’s was because it was an educationally based child care center and everyone we spoke to raved about their program. It was extremely important to us that our children were immersed in a “learning” environment and not just “watched”. Both of my children have and still are developing with lightning speed on an educational, social and emotional level and we feel they would not be where they are today if they had not been with the teachers and staff at Joni’s. I am confident that my son will be ready for the challenges of Kindergarten because of the incredible job Mr. Matt has done and continues to do with him. I also know in my heart that my daughter too will be ready on all levels when it is her turn to ride the bus! There is not a day that goes by that we don’t thank Ms. Kelly and the staff at Joni’s for the truly amazing job that they do.

The Lyn Family

We’ve been a Joni’s family for 5 years. Our daughter went from 4 months through Pre-K and our son who is 17 months has been there for the last year. We chose Joni’s for many reasons…some of them logistics (they are amazing with offering flexibility for part-time care which our family needed due to my husband’s rotating schedule!) but more importantly it was the “feel” of the center when we did our initial walk-through. It was so apparent from the time we walked in the door that all the teachers and Joni’s staff really do love the kids. Many of the teachers have been there for several years and when I drop my kids off I feel like I am leaving them with family. I know my kids are not only getting a great educational foundation but they are really loved and cared for throughout the day.

In my opinion the most important thing as a parent about choosing a day care is how comfortable I feel about the people who are caring for my child and I can’t say enough about the amazing Joni’s staff. They have found the perfect balance between running a very organized and successful center with a solid educational curriculum while still being friendly, laid back, and helpful. Whenever you need them for an extra day or an unforeseen schedule change, they are always there and do their best to accommodate. And now that my daughter is in kindergarten at Union School I have realized that there is no doubt that the Pre-K program at Joni’s prepared her exceptionally well.

Thank you, Joni’s, for everything you do!

Jessica Rich 5 stars - Excellent

I am very pleased with the care and teaching my daughter received while at Joni’s Childcare. As with most first time mothers, returning to work after having a baby can be challenging. The care she received when she started attending Joni’s made this transition easier to bear.

Now a preschooler, I am very impressed with the concepts taught at this early stage, such as writing, counting, and visual and sound recognition of letters. It’s clear to me through discussions with other parents outside of Joni’s that the academic exposure my daughter received is advanced compared to similar aged children in other programs.

Lisa 5 stars - Excellent

I often think how fortunate I have been to have such a wonderful place for my children to spend their time while I have to be at work. Nothing can be more comforting for a working “away from home” parent, then to know their children are being well cared for by people who have the same values, hopes and dreams for their children as they do. Daycare providers are teachers, nurses, counselors and much, much more. This is the reason Mark and I picked Joni’s Child Care five years ago and continue to choose so for our three children.

I would like to thank the entire staff at Joni’s Child Care for all their hard work, guidance, assurance, love and support they’ve given our kids.

Mark & Malissa Trainor 5 stars - Excellent

As all mothers do, I looked into the different options for day care, but it didn’t take me long to make my decision. Immediately after meeting the center director, I knew that was the place for our baby on the way. My family and friends had all told me that you will “just know” when you’ve found the right place and people to care for your baby, and they were so right!

My daughter, Mary Rose, has been attending Joni’s since she was eight weeks old. She just turned 1 year old, and I cannot thank all of the staff enough for all the love and care they have provided. Mary Rose starts getting excited –waving and clapping her hands–when I open the car door to bring her in! She even knows the teachers she hasn’t had yet!

The teachers do so many wonderful activities and art projects every day with the babies and children and they are NAEYC accredited, so they are more than capable of providing the best learning experience. We are extremely fortunate to have found such a wonderful place for our daughter, and I can honestly say that I feel like I leave her with “family” every day!

Julie Slowiki 5 stars - Excellent

After a not so wonderful experience with a previous child care facility, my husband and I were nervous and anxious about starting somewhere new. After we toured the center and met with the director, my husband and I couldn’t wait to get our daughter enrolled! We couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful it appeared on paper, but even more so, it was visible by the smiles on each and every one of the children’s faces! The teachers are all so friendly and welcoming and Alayna loves going to “school” every day. All of the teachers are caring and treat them all as if they were their own children. We look forward to seeing her develop and gain her own personality and we know that this will happen because of all the learning and playing that goes on at Joni’s! Miss Erin really took the time to get to know our daughter as an individual and encourages her to grow and learn based on her needs and this makes us feel happy and reassured that our daughter is in the best hands when we cannot be there with her. Joni’s is by far much more than a childcare center, they are like family!

Kendra & Mike Thomas

I have a 2.5 year old and a one year old and I know they are truly loved and cared for while at Joni’s. The center director always takes the time to greet all parents and her door is always open for a friendly chat. I cannot forget about the amazing staff at Joni’s as well! My son has had most of the teachers there and loved them all! I appreciate them as well as many other parents I speak to weekly.

Rachel Placentino

Joni’s Child Care & Preschool is an excellent facility. Our oldest daughter Arianna attended Joni’s from the age of 3 years until she graduated kindergarten, and she loved it. When our daughter Olivia was born, there was no doubt she would go to Joni’s as well. She is 3 years old now and has been at Joni’s since she was 6 weeks old. Olivia loves all of the teachers at Joni’s and is very happy there. I highly recommend Joni’s Child Care & Preschool.

Ruth Rosado 5 stars - Excellent

I’ve had such a great experience at Joni’s. The teachers are wonderful and caring. It feels good to know that my son is being well taken care of and learning each day.

Holly 5 stars - Excellent

I have two children who attend Joni’s Child Care – my son, who is five and getting ready to go to kindergarten, and my daughter, who is almost three.

My son has been at Joni’s since he was 2.5. We couldn’t be happier with how much he has learned and how ready he is to start kindergarten. I never imagined he would be reading books and writing multiple words! The teachers, activities, and curriculum at Joni’s have prepared him well.

My daughter has been at Joni’s since she was three months old. As a baby, the Joni’s teachers gave her the snuggles and TLC she needed, and made us feel comfortable leaving her there. They welcomed me to their rooms when I visited during lunch and provided me with some knowledgeable tips to get her through her growing pains.

Our children have thrived at Joni’s from the Infant Room to Preschool!

Andrea 5 stars - Excellent

Words cannot express how grateful our family is for Joni’s. Our whole experience has been exceptional. I was hesitant to put my daughter in daycare. The thought of “strangers” raising my child 40 hours a week was scary, but we didn’t have a choice. Olivia was enrolled at 12 weeks old. The staff was fantastic! They were very understanding with our personal thoughts/needs/feelings. They were great at giving me helpful hints and helped me get her into a schedule with naps, that I was previously unsuccessful doing on my own!

As Olivia grew up and became more structured in Joni’s programs, it was very apparent the things that she was learning at school. She would come home, singing a new song every week, telling me her colors, numbers and letters (things that I hadn’t yet done with her at home, so I knew it was learned at school).

I now have 2 daughters, both are in Joni’s program. Even if I had an option for someone to watch my kids at home, I would still keep them at Joni’s. They are loved, cared for and taught so much, every day. The teachers are warm, caring, and an critical part of my girls lives.


Cathy 5 stars - Excellent

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