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Age Range:
15 months - 36 months
Areas of Learning:

Language & Literacy


Social Skills

Each toddler classroom is designed to build off of the skills developed in the classrooms preceding it. In this way we are able to create a “stepped approach” to learning that allows for a low-stress, high learning environment for the children and teachers alike.  Each classroom has certain skills or milestones that we weave into the fun activities that the children enjoy every day.

Examples of skill progressions:

  • Younger toddlers may be working on the colors red, blue, and yellow, while older toddlers expand to include additional colors. The same process works for shapes and counting.
  • Young toddlers may be working on crumpling and tearing paper, while older toddlers are learning to snip at paper with their “thumbs to the sky”. Preschoolers may be working on cutting in a line.
  • Young toddlers may be learning to say the alphabet, while older toddlers may be learning to recognize the letters in their individual names. Preschoolers may be exploring additional letters and sounds.

We also introduce many social skills in the toddler years. For example, children are encouraged to help clean up after themselves, whether it be toys or snack. We are learning too that it can be fun to share and that sometimes our friends need a hug when they are sad.

All of these skills are introduced with a huge dose of fun! We dance. We sing. We build with blocks and knock them down. We pretend to cook, to care for babies, to be firemen and to go on trips around the world. We paint, glue, draw, and color. We play with parachutes, balls, and tunnels. We read books – lots and lots of books. And sometimes, we are just….together (which is pretty great, too).